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There is something in the water….


Duhdu Duhdu Duhdu dudududududuudduud…. (Imagine the Jaws theme song here)

And what might that be? Well it all started when I put the Terrorist in the bath last night. I was busy putting away toys when I heard a bit of a moan and groan. I did not give much thought to it as I am used to all sorts of sounds coming from the bathroom while its bath time. When I went in to check on her a little while later I saw something floating in the water.

Lo and behold – poo floating in the water!!!!!! I was speechless and grossed out! But I must say I surprised myself. I normally gag at anything like this but I just switched into action mode. Taking Kyla out of the bath, removing the foul floating things, washing the bath, running a new bath and putting Kyla back in the bath in record time before she turned blue from the cold – all while not gagging, passing out or running away lol. Well as the last person who thought that I should ever have kids its surprising how it grows on you. How you can take poo in the water in your stride. Comes with the territory it seems. And I’m sure there will be a few more surprises and nasty things along the way. How do you deal with the nasty bits of parenthood?

This old funny video kept on replaying in my mind over and over again after the whole floater episode. Saw it years ago and just had to go look for it again after this episode. Found it on Flowgo. Enjoy