Consol solar light













I have perhaps jumped on the bandwagon a bit late as these have been around a while but I do need to rave about the new solar light from Consol!


You put the light out in the sun for a few hours a day and it gives light for up to six-nine hours. There is a solar panel in the lid with LED lights. There is also an on and off switch – which gives hours of delight to any 22 month old! Its also very safe.

You can stain the glass, put rose petals inside or material to add a nice extra ambiance and colour to these nifty little gadgets. Go over to The Design Tabloid to have a look at ideas on how to personalise your solar light. (Thank you for letting me use your picture of your designs with the solar lights below)

Its perfect for camping, blackouts or as the perfect party lights adding a romantic and magical feel to any occasion. I personally use mine as a bedside light which comes in handy for night time trips to the fridge for milk without stumping a toe in the dark. The light is strong enough for a little bit of night time reading without damaging your eyes. With the cost of electricity and random blackouts this is the perfect little companion adding light to your life.

Its the ultimate green gadget – reusable, rechargeable and recyclable. You can buy yours at the Consol shops in Woodmead and Stellenbosch or online.

There is something in the water….


Duhdu Duhdu Duhdu dudududududuudduud…. (Imagine the Jaws theme song here)

And what might that be? Well it all started when I put the Terrorist in the bath last night. I was busy putting away toys when I heard a bit of a moan and groan. I did not give much thought to it as I am used to all sorts of sounds coming from the bathroom while its bath time. When I went in to check on her a little while later I saw something floating in the water.

Lo and behold – poo floating in the water!!!!!! I was speechless and grossed out! But I must say I surprised myself. I normally gag at anything like this but I just switched into action mode. Taking Kyla out of the bath, removing the foul floating things, washing the bath, running a new bath and putting Kyla back in the bath in record time before she turned blue from the cold – all while not gagging, passing out or running away lol. Well as the last person who thought that I should ever have kids its surprising how it grows on you. How you can take poo in the water in your stride. Comes with the territory it seems. And I’m sure there will be a few more surprises and nasty things along the way. How do you deal with the nasty bits of parenthood?

This old funny video kept on replaying in my mind over and over again after the whole floater episode. Saw it years ago and just had to go look for it again after this episode. Found it on Flowgo. Enjoy

This is me


Well… so I am completely new at this. With me turning 30 in a few weeks I am trying to make some changes in my life, try a few new things – like blogging. I thought it might be fun to start penning my thoughts. Get a bit of perspective on things when you see it in writing. The first challenge for me is to see if I can stick to this. I have never been good at keeping a diary and my daughter’s memory book is only filled up to 9 months lol.

So more about me then. I am a single mom to a gorgeous little 18 month old terrorist. She is the cutest little thing but in two seconds flat can turn into a right little devil when she pleases. I won’t change her for anything in the world though and love her to bits. She is unfortunately also nearing an age milestone – terrible two’s!! And the problem with her age milestone is its colliding with mine – she is adding to my greying hair problem. Yup – greying hair (gasp!). Nicely coinciding with my big birthday in exactly 25 days!! Guess its time to start colouring my hair. I’m sure my mom did not have grey hair at this age – well I was not born yet so maybe that’s why she outwitted the grey till she was 40 (and I was born lol).

I also have a day job – attorney. And no it is not at glamorous as it seems on TV. No LA Law or Ally McBeal for me. To be honest I am only an administrative clerk with huge study debt to pay off. And no I also do not cash the big pay checks most people associate with attorneys. If that was true I would not have as much debt and would actually own my own toaster!

Oh to own my own toaster lol! When I was little I used to think people in their 30s are so grown up and have everything together. All their ducks in a row. Now that I am turning 30 I am wondering where I went wrong. How did I get left behind my peers? No great career, single parent, don’t own a house, a car or even a toaster! The Friends song keeps on playing in my mind the last few weeks – So no one told you life was gonna be this way. Your job’s a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s D O A. It’s like you’re always stuck in second gear. When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month or even your year. But enough of my melancholy lol!

This is me in a nutshell. Attorney by day – Mommy by night (and crazy in between lol)

p.s I just have to post a link here for the The Rembrandts/Friends song. Who does not just love FRIENDS?